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Freedom Force Superheroes United

The Best Of The FF Mod Community

Freedom Force Players Unite!
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This community journal is dedicated to showing off the incredible work of the Freedom Force Modding fan base at large whose sweat and tears keep this game series going year after year. With the original game winning stragedy game awards for best original concept and gameplay plus having a sequal released in 2005 shows that superhero games don't always have to feature an established franchise. Success of these games also allowed Irrational to release their own limited comic book series as well through Image Comics.

Recently Irrational Games who created Freedom Force and it's sequal Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich was purchased by Take2 Interactive who also own 2K Games (Civilization 4, Sid Meier's Pirates!, The Elder's Scrolls 4) and RockStar Games (Grand Theft Auto series, The Warriors, and The Midnight Club racing series).